Office Cleaning 

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A clean workplace is a happy workplace but it’s more than that. Not only does it create the right impression on your staff and shows you care for their wellbeing,

but it can also increase your bottom line through reduced absenteeism rates, improved productivity, and morale.

Start the day in a clean offices and work space Bio-65 Environmental Cleaners in the midlands you can rely on.

\Whether it’s a 2 hours a week small office clean or a large site needing multiple staff we can help take the stress of managing your cleaning away. We are The Midlands commercial and office cleaning specialists by managing cleaning services across the Midlands we are able to take advantage of economies of scale to provide cost-effective high quality cleaning solutions to businesses and organisations.

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Carpets are an environment in which bacteria and allergens will remain for a long time without thorough cleaning, meaning that not only are professional carpet cleaning services required for appearance’s sake, but for health and hygiene reasons, too.

It is recommended by manufacturers and professional bodies that carpets should be cleaned by a professional cleaner every 12-18 months and more often, if they’re in a home with small children and/or pets.

All carpets require regular professional cleaning. However, not all carpets require the same treatment. In fact, get the wrong combination of carpet material and cleaning product, and you can cause permanent damage. New carpets are an expensive purchase, which is why having an expert assess the situation is the sensible approach.

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