Commercial and Domestic Waste

Whether clearing the garage or taking on a complete renovation project, Bio-65 are on hand to help.

Household Waste

What domestic waste can go in a skip?

  • Builders waste

  • Household waste

  • Garden waste

  • Packaging waste

  • Rubble, wood, metal, bricks, soil and stone


Business waste management

Our priority is always to recycle the waste we collect, but as many businesses will also create non-recyclable waste (low-grade plastics and polythenes for example), we have developed methods to segregate, process and dispose of these as efficiently as possible, and in line with legal responsibilities.

What can my business recycle?


Bio-65 collect and manage waste disposal services for businesses of all sizes – whether small independents or international corporations


Hazardous Waste Management

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is anything that is considered to have substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment.

Our approach

As we offer a one-stop shop, existing customers know they can come direct to us for any waste they are unsure of. Nothing is too small, too in-depth or too unusual for Bio-65 to deal with. 

Contact us for help managing your hazardous waste

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