Covid - 19 Fogging and Deep Cleans

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Have you done everything possible to ensure the safety of your workplace?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has now spread globally, and has been designated a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Sadly, this virus is highly contagious, and has spread across the UK resulting in many hospitalisations as well as a large number of deaths.


Whether your workplace is open now, or you are planning to reopen as lockdown restrictions lift, consideration needs to be given to disinfecting and deep cleaning on a regular basis. Bio-65 has the expertise, experience and is certified to undertake Coronavirus infection prevention and control on your premises. We are now able to offer Fogging and Touch Point Cleaning, which are the specialist cleaning services required to control Coronavirus.

                                                The benefits of Touch Point Cleaning?
  • It reduces the spread of the COVID-19 virus to people and to other rooms and areas of the workplace, making it more practical and safe for people to return to work and stay at work.

  • It is a visual sign that suitable standards of cleanliness and disinfection are being maintained.

  • It uses specific substances and materials that are designed to kill the virus, rather than simply giving touch points a ‘good clean’. 

  • It enables a programme and schedule to be established which specifically targets common surfaces and areas where the virus is likely to be picked up and spread, and where exposure is maximised. 

  • It maintains a professional visual appearance for the workplace. 

  • It enables employees to carry on as normal in their everyday operations, ensuring that workplace efficiency is unaffected, where possible. 

  • It prepares areas and rooms for subsequent Fogging cleaning.


 Frequently touched surfaces within your premises are likely to include the following:

  • Desktops & work surfaces

  • Door knobs, door plates & handles

  • Light switches

  • Computer keyboards & mouse

  • Telephone equipment

  • Chairs

  • Canteen furniture

  • Sinks in kitchens

  • Toilets: taps, flushers & dispensers

  • Water fountains

  • Vending machines

  • Tablets & digital devices

  • Lifts & escalators

  • Handrails

The areas highlighted above should be cleaned at least daily by a professional cleaning company, and if operating shifts, in-between each shift.


swobbing now available


DEC involves using electrostatic spray surface cleaning.

This is now being supplied by many cleaning companies to healthcare facilities, schools, academies, researching institutes and labs.

The highly effective method removes infectious diseases and contamination from areas that require specialist sanitation

The process involves spraying an electronically charged mist onto surfaces and objects.

The positively charged particles then naturally coat contaminated areas.

Hard to reach areas and objects can be covered and once sprayed, the sanitizing agent disinfects surfaces for up to 72 hours protection, eliminating the dangers of overusing.

DEC equipment is easily transported and manoeuvrable and has a 70% faster delivery time than traditional methods. This means a faster and more secure response.

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Specialist Decontamination

Air and surface decontamination is an essential component of your multi-barrier strategy, helping to prevent Sick Building Syndrome and to protect your workplace from cross-contamination and the spread of infection. With state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we provide unparalleled elimination of pathogens and bacteria. Our thorough, effective sanitation programme will help to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

Bio-65 fogging and decontamination, trauma and crime scene cleaners
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Bio-65 is trusted to provide deep clean services in a wide range of organisations, including healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, education providers, sporting facilities, hotels, offices and restaurants. We can provide unparalleled, long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores as well as VOCs and odour causing compounds.

  • 99.9999% decontamination and odour elimination, lasts up to one year

  • Elimination of pathogens including MRSA, C. diff and fungal spores

  • Minimal disruption to your workplace

  • Proven technology that is documented, tested and fully certified

  • Accredited provider of air and surface decontamination

100% safe, documented decontamination.

The effective and fully documented process provides complete decontamination, leaving your environment safe and hygienic.

Our five-stage photocatalytic technology is environmentally safe and chemical free as well as non-corrosive and fabric safe.

Our Air and Surface decontamination treatment can be safely applied to all surfaces and environments.

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