Professional Hoarder Cleanup Service

Our hearts go out to all those involved,

and we know how delicate of a situation it can be when someone else is going through your belongings.

We understand that there is a trust involved when you let someone into your home to start organizing, cleaning, and removing your belongings.

Communication with our clients is of the utmost importance to us even before we even step foot through the door.

We need you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you, your family, your animals, your home, and your belongings are safe with us.

Our Hoarder Clean Up Services Team Work Hard With Our Clients

There are some signs to watch for that will show you that we may need to come in and help.

Continually walking on or having to step over clutter in the home is one huge sign for you that some help may be needed to bring things back to order.

If the clutter is creating anxiety for you on a daily basis then that is another huge warning sign.

If the lives of you and those around you including your pets are being negatively impacted by the amount of clutter that you have in your home, then that is where we come in.

Our hoarder cleanup services team here at Bio-65 works hard with clients to make the decluttering and cleaning process as easy as possible.

We have the highest level of respect for our clients as we remove items from their home and in doing so we ensure the utmost of discretion. We take into account that there are neighbors and prying eyes around, so we do everything to remain as low key as possible so as not to draw attention to the clients’ home.

We don’t want our clients to ever feel embarrassed, or that their privacy is being invaded.

We want our clients to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the right thing is being done by having their home de-cluttered and cleaned.

Sometimes there are other services that may need to be called in to help, like pest control, animal foster services, non for-profit donation services, counseling services, and contracting services. We will be there to help you to make any arrangements that need to be made with whomever you may need. We are there every step of the way to make sure the client always feels safe, and secure while we help to make the home once again a comfortable and happy environment to live in.

Many occasions we must deal with mold remediation, removal of bugs, contaminants of bodily fluids from either human or animal, as well as neutralizing smells and odors that have built up over time in the home.

Our professionals are experts in biohazard removal, as well as bio-recovery,

so we ensure we adhere to all safety standards when cleaning all areas from low to high risk.

This may include the use of masks, gloves, and specialized equipment to ensure that the clean up is complete in its entirety. When we are finished you can be rest assured that there is no health risk left to the client or to anyone that comes into our clients’ home in the future.

We let our clients know what equipment will be used as we are going through the process, so that there are no surprises.


We make it our priority to make sure that our clients are on the same page as us at all times,

and are feeling comfortable and at ease.



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